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Vision Razor Shave set 2500  750Wet shave set


  Double edge razor shaving set 190782

Cool Shaving has merkur vision shaving razors, straight edge razors, safety razors, shaving brushes, strops, stones, shaving mugs and shave soaps for a great close wet shave. We carry both Colonel Ichabod Conk Shaving Products and Parker butterfly saftey shaving razors. For the Coolest, Closest, Most Comfortable wet shave ever! Conk soaps are incredibly soothing for your face -- a dove bar for your face; old-fashioned safety and straight edge razors, using the world's best badger and boar hair brushes that give your face THE most refreshing close shave. We have wet shaving supplies, sharpening stones, strops, shaving gift sets, travel sets, shaving mugs, moustache and personal care products such as manicure sets, nail clippers and MERKUR corn and callous removers. Our # 225 , 226, 200 and 205 shavings razors take the Gillette Trac II blades or our # 100 double trac blade.


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Soap Combo with Shaving Mug
Get one of each scent of Conk shave soaps and the shave mug. Price: $28.98
Sale Price: $24.98
shaving soaps
Best Value Gift Set-CS-3
Price: $29.49 Sale Price: $24.99
shaving sets
Getting Started Shave Set-CS-4
Price: $45.48 Sale Price: $37.99 shaving sets
Old Fashioned Safety Razor Gift Set-CS-5
Price: $62.48 Sale Price: $54.99
shaving sets
Old Fashioned Safety Razor Shave Set-CS-5
Price: $62.48 Sale Price: $54.99
shaving sets
Deluxe Dad's Gift Set-CS-6
Price: $129.98Sale Price: $109.99
shaving sets

Butterfly Opening Safety Razor Best Value Gift Offer - Shaving Mug, 2 soaps Badger shaving brush and your choice of 3 Parker safety shaving Razors.
Price: $70.97 Sale Price: $59.97

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 Weekend Today TV Show featured a shaving expert who reported the current boom in traditional wet-shaving products and techniques.  This expert said men were tired of the poor shave which TV-advertised blades were giving them.  In the course of speaking of shaving razors, brushes, and wet shaving materials, this shaving expert recommends many of  the products Coolshaving currently carries.


Parker Chrome Butterfly Safety Razor Shaving Set

Double edge razor shaving set 190

DOVO Shavette Straight Razor w/Disposable Blades



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Shavings Razors that take the Gillette Trac II blades or Our # 100 double trac blade.

225 , 226, 200, 205

Parker Shaving Razors Parker Shaving Razors Parker Shaving Razors Parker Double-edged razor blades Merkur Double-edge razor blades