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Detailed Item Information

Item Name: Chrome Safety Razor Gift Set - with Mug
Category: Safety Razors & Accessories
Item Number: 190CS
Price: $129.95
Set contains the following products: 1) Long Handled Safety Razor, our #180. Razor is made of brass and electro-plated with chrome. Since brass never rusts, this razor is a life-time purchase.

2) Summer Coat badger brush with chrome handle. There is no material on earth better than a badger as far as holding heat and water

3) Chrome Stand

4) Real Men Shave with a blade Mug

5) Shaving Soap, which contains both avocado oil for softening the beard for shaving and the same moisturizing ingredients which are in a Dove Bar. This is a Dove Bar for your face! Leaves face feeling refreshed, not slightly dry and chafed


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