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Item Name: Gift Set - Butterfly Opening Safety Razor Best Value - Razor, Badger Brush, Mug and 2 soaps
Category: Butterfly Opening Safety Razors
Item Number: P-02
Price: $70.97
Size: Almond soaps, Amber soaps (as shown), Bay Rum soaps, Lime Soaps
You save $11.00 over buying these items individually and YOU choose the razor you want!

This Gift Value Pack consists of: 1) Parker Butterfly Safety Razor - Two styles from which to choose; 2) Badger Head Shaving Brush; 3) 'Real Men' Shaving Mug; 4) Two unique shaving soaps - "Dove Bar For Your Face"

Parker Butterfly Razors are made of brass, which never rusts and then electro-plated -- same construction as the more famous MERKUR


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