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"Just like Grandpa used to use".


For the 18th-19th Centuries, men of all walks of life daily used the Straight-Edge Razor with which to shave.  They knew well that no other method of shaving delivered as close a shave as the Straight-Edge Razor System.  Today, the same holds true; even with all our modern methods of shaving, the nostalgic Straight-Edge Razor still provides the closest, most comfortable shave possible, especially when used with our Conk soap.


All our Straight-Edge Razors are made of Virgin Steel in Solingen, Germany.  When the factory is not producing Straight-Edge Razors, they are producing surgical instruments for surgeons. Consequently, these razors are the highest quality in the world.




If you take 1 minute per day and another 2 minutes twice monthly to keep your Straight-Edge Razor as sharp as it came out of the factory, you will have made a life-time purchase.  To keep your razor sharp, you need to also buy the following products:


1.      Reindeer Strop, #185 -- Made of high quality reindeer hide, this strop removes the daily knicks that shaving leaves in the blade.  You need to use this strop once per day or at least once every-other day, an exercise which takes no more than one [1] minute, according to the following instructions:

a.       Stretch the strop out taut, with the white linen side up

b.      Place the razor on the linen at a natural angle, stroking it 10 times on one side and 10 times on the other side.  Note the arrows on the illustration as to which direction you need to move the razor.

You have just warmed the blade so the reindeer hide can remove the knicks.

c.       After you have turned the strop over to the reindeer side, you again place the razor at a natural angle and stroke it 10 times on each side. Note you move the razor the opposite direction as you do for the linen. You have just removed all the little knicks that daily shaving leaves on the blade.

2.      Surgical Sharpening Stone from Arkansas, #110 -- Mined in Arkansas quarries, this stone actually restores the edge of the blade to the fine quality from which it left the factory.   This exercise takes no more than two [2] minutes, according to the following instructions:

a.       Place 1 tablespoon of water on the stone, and spread it over the surface.

b.      Place the razor on the hide at a natural angle, stroking it 10 times on one side and 10 times on the other side.  Note the arrows on the illustration instruct you to move it the opposite direction as you do with the linen.  You have just restored your razor edge to as sharp as it came from the factory in an operation that should take less than two minutes of your time.

Download PDF file of Instructions that come with the stone.

This maintenance of your Straight Edge Razor is so very important that we really do not want you to buy a razor alone, without the Strop and the Stone.  In two weeks of shaving without maintenance, your razor will begin to pull your face, transforming your daily shave from a pleasure into one of pain.  Another week of shaving will cause your straight edge razor to cut your face.


You do have the option of buying a gift set containing all three of these items, #231.  This set contains a Straight-Edge Razor, plus a Strop, plus the Surgical Sharpening Stone. 


If you call or email us complaining about the deterioration of your shave with the Straight-Edge Razor, we are going to check our records to see if you have purchased the Strop and the Stone.  If you did not, we are going to have to decline your request to return the Straight Edge Razor, because the problem is lack of proper maintenance, rather than a Factory Defect.  These razors are the most highly inspected item in our line, being inspected as thoroughly and professionally as surgical instruments.  We have a normal defective rate of less than one-half of one-percent.  In 9.99 cases out of ten where we get a complaint, the problem turns out to be one of maintenance.


Your high-carbon steel straight razor is ground very thin just like a hospital surgical knife and is, therefore, fragile.  Please avoid dropping or tapping your straight edge razor because chipping and/or cracking will occur. 


Also, when you are finished with your daily shave, please dry the blade with a thick towel to prevent rusting.  If you live in a humid climate, we recommend a thin coating of oil.


We encourage you to buy this Straight-Edge Razor Shaving System, as it provides the closest and most comfortable shave humanly possible.  If you have a heavy beard, you need the Straight-Edge Razor System.

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