Why is Badger the best material in the world for holding water and heat?  The end of every Badger bristle examined under a microscope looks like it has been exploded in all directions at once.  These are called "flanges".  In the wild, these flanges have been designed by Nature to hold the water at the tips of the bristle, thus keeping the body of the Badger dry and warm.  Therefore, since shaving demands a brush that retains both water and heat, you cannot get any better material than Badger for a brush.  Further, the Winter Coat Badger contains twice as many flanges at each end than Summer Coat.

Boar Bristles contain few flanges, so they are not nearly as effective in holding water and heat as are Badger bristles.  However, Boar bristles hold a lot more water and heat than any man-made, synthetic materials.  We do not carry any of the inferior synthetic materials.

Most of our gift sets contain a Boar or a Boar/Badger combination brush.  This feature allows us to keep our retails lower on the gift set.  Once you begin to shave with one of these brushes that has come in a gift set, you might want to trade up to a Winter or Summer Coat Badger Brush. You will not believe the difference a pure Badger brush will make in holding heat and water so you can whip up a frothy lather to soothe your face.

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