"Safety shave the Old-Fashioned Way".


Shave just the way Grandpa used to shave.  These high-quality virgin steel Safety Razors, coated with chrome to protect against rust, are exactly like the Safety Razors Grandpa used to use -- from 150 years ago to just before World War II. However, these Safety Razors are superior in the steel used, and the higher MERKUR German specifications of manufacture.


We have many Safety Razors from which to choose, including one that is engineered to "look broken"!  This particular Safety Razor is specifically engineered to avoid cutting the man in his chin area, which is the #1 area for knicks and cuts.


We have razors for the heavier beard, and for the gentleman who prefers an extra-long handle.


Furthermore, we have the MERKUR Replacement Blades, the highest-quality double-edged blades in the marketplace.  Once you use this blade, you will never use anything else.  We even have had reports of men switching back to this MERKUR replacement blade after trying the new Gillette Mach III.


We are committed to staying in-stock of these MERKUR Replacement Blades 100% of the time throughout the year.

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