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Detailed Item Information

Item Name: Deluxe Gold / Wood Stand
Category: Safety Razors & Accessories
Item Number: 139
Price: $34.99
Beautifully constructed stained wood stand designed to hold your shaving bowl, your brush and your favorite razor

This stand will hold the following brushes: 1) Summer Coat Badger, #1000 and #1001; 2) Standard Boar Brush, #6; 3) Deluxe Boar Brush, #9; 4) Deluxe Badger Brush, #247

This stand will hold the following razors: 1) Standard Double-Edge safety razor, #163; 2)Barberpole Razors, Double-edge #38 and #39; 3) Slant-bar razor, double-edge; 4) Trac II razors, #225 and #226


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