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Item Name: MERKUR FUTUR Adjustable Safety Razor -- Multiple Settings - Polished Chrome
Category: Safety Razors & Accessories
Item Number: 701
Price: $88.00
Brushed chrome adjustable safety razor with the weight and heft many larger men are looking for in a safety razor. The 3 3/4 inch long handle contains 8 different settings so a man can select the very best setting for his face. MERKUR German quality.

As with all MERKUR razors, this safety razor is made of brass with a matte chrome finish; brass construction prevents rusting for a lifetime.

Identical to MERKUR's Vision, except it does not have the butterfly opening to change blades; for this model, you simply pull the top off to change the blade. Simpler, less likely to malfunction and the retail is 50% less than Vision.


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