"The best, most refreshing shave in the world". We are dedicated to providing this type of shave to all the men in the world who want it. Men want a close shave; women want their men to have a close shave.

Yet, most products on the market do not deliver a close, comfortable shave. Any shave lotion that comes out of a can leaves a man's face feeling dry, and irritable. Any other shaving soap -- even soaps that cost $20 -- either leave a man's face dry and irritated, or they do not provide a comfortable shave, or both.

  • Our soaps -- a Dove Bar for the Face. Each soap contain as much moisturizer as a Dove Bar. Each soap contains Avocado Oil that sets up the individual hair of the beard so the razor can cut it cleanly. Ladies can use this soap in their baths.

    Look at one customer says about our soaps

    Hello, I think you should know,

         After a 7 week Chemo and Radiation treatment program for throat and neck cancer shaving became a painful, bloody mess for me. Due to dry depleted skin it didn't matter whether I used any kind of gel or canned lather, a 2 or 3 blade razor, even if it pivoted, vibrated or stood on end and saluted it was impossible to shave comfortably and safely. 

         It been one month now using a brush and Conk soap with a double edge razor and I cant believe what a difference this had made for me. No cuts, scrapes, burns or even a 5 o'clock shadow for that matter. Right from the start it was a night and day difference. My wife commented that my natural skin color has returned but looks better than before I started treatment. I wont go back to other shaving systems period.

    I am cancer free for 4 mos now and wont go back to that either!

  • Our brushes hold both heat and water, and allow for the soap to be whipped up into a high lather. Highest quality brushes available, and at a price you can afford.

  • Straight-Edge Razors still provide the closest, most comfortable shave possible, especially when used with our Conk soap.

  • Safety Razors - Most are made in Germany according to strict standards. They provide the closest shave possible anywhere. Styled just like Grandpa and Great-Grandpa used to use, still the best shave possible.

  • Our Gift Sets are designed to provide all the product a man needs to get started in his shaving experience, making a great Gift for Birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas.

  • Moustache products are one of the most highly sought-after products today.  We carry an excellent variety of products to serve this need. We have listed below a brief listing of what we carry:

  • Our deluxe Gift Sets -- especially the onyx -- add fashion to this comfortable shaving experience. Makes your bathroom look more fashionable as it displays his shaving product.

  • Travel Sets for the busy executive on the road or in the air a lot. Combine comfortable shave while on your trip with the convenience required by travelers. You can also find other personal care products created for the traveler in mind.

  • Corn & Callous Removers, with highest quality stainless steel blades.

    Most of our product is from a manufacturer called Colonel Ichabod Conk.

    There REALLY was a Colonel Ichabod Conk. In 1866, soon after the Civil War made him a pauper, Colonel Ichabod Conk traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico. After living there a short time, Col. Conk began to date a woman who owned several barber and hair cutting salons for both men and women. She shaved men's faces daily, and after Col. Conk married her, he became proficient in the barbering profession, helping his wife with her customers, and keeping her books. Suddenly, Col. Conk had a startlingly magnificent idea -- why couldn't he package the products they were using every day, and sell them across the nation?

    Colonel Ichabod Conk Shaving Products was born. Col. Conk became a wealthy man for that time and age, and continued the business until his death in 1898. At that time, his business simply ceased to exist. The current ownership discovered his legacy, and decided to continue the legend, in today's marketplace. Conk - a legend of yesteryear, a great reality today. Unique quality, unique product -- created to restore joy to shaving.